Red Arrow Equipment Company Inc. was established to provide our customers with advanced solutions to apply Condensed Natural Smoke™ (sometimes referred to as “liquid smoke” and browning agents. Concepts include drenching, spraying and atomizing and are produced to ensure the equipment is efficient and consistent in smoke and browning application.

Red Arrow Equipment Company leads the industry in design and implementation of customized application equipment. The application equipment is designed to combine Red Arrow’s advanced technology with your exact production needs.

Red Arrow Equipment Company always selects the highest quality component parts when assembling our POWRSMOKER® and POWRDRENCH® Condensed Natural Smoke™ application equipment. With this dedication to product excellence, we provide our customers with consistent product quality unsurpassed in the industry. Easy installation and product maintenance makes the POWRSMOKER and POWRDRENCH systems a number one choice in application systems. These systems provide customers with economical choices and excellent performance.