Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Flavors / Smokes Used

Flavor / Smoke Usage Rate Description
Nat Chipotle FL WONF RA07132-OS 0.35% Adds a great complexity of Chipotle to the peppers.


Ingredient OZ. LBS. GRAMS % WEIGHT
Roasted Red Bell Peppers, jarred 10.58 0.66 300.00 30.00
Mayonnaise 24.69 1.54 700.00 70.00
TOTALS 35.27 2.2 1000 100%


  1. Strain the peppers and weigh. 
  2. Put the peppers and mayonnaise into a blender and mix until the peppers are minced into the mayonnaise.
  3. Add Red Arrow product to above mixture and mix until fully incorporated.  

Other Recommended Flavors:

Nat Caramelized Onion FL WONF 6147-OS: compliments the savoriness of the dip with the taste of sweet dark browned onion.
Usage rate: 0.6%

Char 4007: adds a seared/charred note with a ashy note.
Usage rate: 0.12%

Nat Chipotle FL WONF RA08045: adds a great complexity of Chipotle to the peppers.
Usage rate: 0.4%

Fire Roasted Grill RA15019: adds a roasted, savory flavor with a little smoke and smooth grill notes.
Usage rate: 0.2%

Fire Roasted RA11015: lends a slightly sweet with brown toasted notes, finished with a slight fire char.
Usage rate: 0.15%

Nat Fried Garlic FL WONF 6160-OS: gives the dip a unique garlic hit without complicating the profile.
Usage rate: 0.4%

Grill Scraping Flavor GF RA16003: blends a deep, savory grill note to the pepper dip.
Usage rate: 0.1%

Grillin' GBGF: melds with the cheese flavor giving it a nice smooth grilled taste with a touch of smoke.
Usage rate: 0.2%

Grillin' SD-10GF: gives a flame seared taste.
Usage rate: 0.08%

Nat Roast FL RA09030-OS: adds a smooth savory roast note to the sauce that compliments the sweetness of the dip.
Usage rate: 0.3%

Nat Sautéed Onion FL WONF 6161-OS: lends a slightly brown onion flavor with a sweet background.
Usage rate: 0.25%

Nat Toasted Garlic FL WONF 6146-OS: gives the dip a hearty, well-browned, mellow and nutty garlic note t of roasted garlic cloves that mellow and meld with the flavor of the roasted peppers.
Usage rate: 0.15%

Nat Wood Fired FL WONF RA12044: gives the dip a distinct smokiness, with subtle charred and seared notes, as if cooked over an open wood fire.
Usage rate: 0.5%

Roasted Red Pepper Dip