Natural Roasted Garlic & Ginger Flavor
Save Time and Energy without Losing Authenticity or Flavor
Chef Chris prepares Singapore Style Shrimp, which combines spicy, peppery, sweet flavors with the saltiness of fish and soy sauce. He will make it with a cooking method flavor by Red Arrow: Nat Roasted Garlic and Ginger Flavor. This flavor delivers a complex blend of sweet, cooked vegetables with roasted garlic and a tang from fresh ginger.
CharSol RA12025, Condensed Natural Smoke™
Learn how to add smoke flavor to Gravlax without smoking the salmon
Gravlax is a Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and possibly dill. The beneift of not actually smoking the salmon is that the pickling process allows the fish to stay moist and full-bodied. This Condensed Natural Smoke flavor delivers a traditional, hardwood smoked character to the gravlax without even starting a fire or turning on an oven.
Natural Seared Beef Flavor, Cooking Method Flavors
The Benefit of a Cooking Method Flavor: A Seared Flavor wthout actually Searing
Using a cooking method flavor such as Natural Seared Beef, without actually searing the beef, means less time needed for processing. This also means a more consistent flavor in the end product. The Seared Beef Flavor lends a delectable, caramelized, beef flavor mimicking beef that has been quickly seared over intense heat.
Natural Prime Rib Beef Flavor, Cooking Method Flavors
Chef Lance of Red Arrow describes Nat Prime Rib Beef FL WONF 6151
This product imparts the flavor of a succulent, juicy cut of prime rib. Candidly, tasting this flavor is like eating a prime rib steak!