Red Arrow’s Condensed Natural Smoke™ process is equally as natural as traditional smoking. Manufacturers who insist on wood burning, can consider a combination of the traditional method with the Red Arrow Condensed Natural Smoke™ process based on:

  • Smoke color is achieved faster, resulting in higher throughput and cost savings to the processor.
  • The “Naturally Smoked” declaration is allowed on the product label.
  • Emissions (PAHs and particulates) and solid waste are greatly reduced, which means less cleaning time and lower expenses.
  • Decreases thermal energy expenditures for processors driving costs out on the smoking process, enhancing throughput based on a shorter processing schedule.
  • Desired smoke flavor and color can be customized and consistently achieved.
  • Consumers experience enhanced aromatics when packaging is opened.
  • Since there are virtually no carcinogens associated with Condensed Natural Smoke, the combination process is a healthier alternative to 100% traditional smoke.