Months in The Making. Years of Grillin’ Heritage.

Introducing Classic-Grillin’ From Red Arrow. It’s A Natural.

Our new EU compliant Classic-Grillin’ flavor has the same great profile as our original Grillin’ flavors, plus an added benefit. Classic-Grillin’ is produced using a newly developed low-temperature process that not only gives it a deep, rich grill flavor but makes it all-natural and consumer label friendly. Let us send you a sample. From meats and vegetables, to snacks and baked goods, the possibilities are endless.   A certain romance of flavors happens when food is cooked over an open flame. Red Arrow captures that flavor profile to recreate cherished savory experiences without an actual fire. From a kettle grill to a gas grill to an open campfire, we understand the distinctions unique to each method of grilling and the protein being grilled. We can incorporate smoky, ashy, chargrill, scorch, seared, flame-kissed and other nuances to produce the most authentic grill flavors possible. Our extensive knowledge of the intricacies of grilling allows us to offer a comprehensive line of flavors as well as custom capabilities to match your vision for a specific grilling flavor profile.  

Introducing Grill Innovations

Approved for use in the EU and all are Non GMO.
Well-balanced, ashy, chargrilled flavor reminiscent of a cast iron skillet over the hot embers of a wood campfire.
Evokes a natural wood fire, incorporating a soft hickory smokiness with subtle seared and caramelized notes with a gentle, charred/ashy character.
Familiar savory and meaty characteristics, capturing heavy brown, nearly charred flavors associated with grilling on a flat top.
Delightfully smooth smoky impression, followed by distinct flame kissed and roasted notes, finishing with a surprisingly mellow sweetness.
Smoky, char and searing effect reminiscent of cooking directly over the heat source. Deep roast and succulent, mouth-watering fatty flavor attenuations.