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Our char flavors emulate the genuine charring profile that is achieved when food is cooked over intense heat. 

Our flavors range from the flavor associated with char marks created when cooking protein on a white-hot grill grate to the scorching effect imposed by fire-roasting foods. 

We also offer multidimensional flavors like charred beef, seared beef, seared chicken and charred turkey that incorporate elements beyond a straightforward char profile. 

These profiles are often used in conjunction with our other cooking flavors to develop a well-rounded experience, but they’re also great individually to complement sauces, salsas and much more.

Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
Char 4007 Heavily-seared/charred note with an ashy finish.  0.10% Dry Yes Not Kosher
Grillin' 5078 A natural oil which provides the intensified flavor characteristics of charbroiled grilling.  0.10% Oil Yes Kosher Pareve
RA03076 Well-rounded charred flavor with a soft ashy note and background meaty impression.  0.15% Dry Yes Not Kosher
Grillin' RA14016 Imparts the savory flavor of charbroiled grilling. Great in seasoning blends, leave-in marainades, sauces, rubs and meat applications.  0.15% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat Carne Asada FL WONF RA13013 Upfront meaty note bursts into mingling of citrus, spice, charred, ash, seared, grilled and rare beef notes.  0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Charred Beef FL WONF RA07103 Full-bodied beef flavor combined with charred notes reminiscent of the blackened marks from intense heat.  0.30% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Charred Turkey FL WONF RA10058 Seared turkey notes combined with balanced charred notes. 0.50% Dry Yes Not Kosher
Nat Seared Chicken Type RA13008 Delectable, caramelized chicken profile that calls to mind a searing process that crisps and browns.  0.50% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat Seared Beef FL WONF RA07082 Delectable, caramelized, beef flavor mimicking beef that has been quickly seared over intense heat.  0.30% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Braised Beef FL WONF RA13043 Rich, brown, fatty beef profile with seared and charred notes, followed by slowly cooked vegetables (celery, carrots, and onions). Sweet caramelized top notes. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Wood Fired FL WONF RA12044 Distinctively soft smokiness with subtle charred/seared notes as if cooked over a Northern hardwood campfire.  0.50% Dry Yes Not Kosher
Nat Wood Fire Ribeye FL WONF RA13044 Imparts a fatty, bloody ribeye character that captures char-grilled notes and smoky aroma reminiscent of cooking over a wood fire.  0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Fire Roasted Grill RA15019 Fire roasted flavor with a smooth, meaty finish as if cooked over an open flame with a light smoke finish.  0.15% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Fire Roasted RA11015 Slightly sweet initially.  Brown roasted notes build throughout and finish with slight fire-induced char.  0.30% Oil Yes Not Kosher
Nat Charbroiled Tenderloin FL WONF RA15003

Rich, beeft tenderloin cooked to medium rare. Chargrilled and fatty notes as if charbroiled at a traditional steakhouse. 

0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Grill Scraping Flavor GF RA16003 A dry grill flavor which imparts an initial grill-seared taste, finishing with an ashy-scorched note. 

0.05% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat Churrasco Beef FL WONF RA 16007

Rich succulent heavily seared beef with a slight char and a background carmelized sweet note.

.30% Dry No