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Vacuum Marinating

A unique, cost-effective one-step method for meat processors to provide smoke flavor and color.

Key Benefits:

  • No need for a costly injector or smoke generator – ideal for in-store or restaurant settings
  • Natural smoke flavor and color components easily absorb into the surface and subsurface of the meat, eliminating the need for an external smoke application
  • Smoke can be blended with chef-inspired flavor systems to create a multi-dimensional marinade
  • The antioxidants in Condensed Natural Smoke increase shelf life
Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
CharSol Applewood Poly 2503 Water-soluble version of CharSol® Applewood 2502. Great for drenching and other water-based applications.  0.18% Water Soluble Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol Cherrywood Poly 2515 Water-soluble version of CharSol® Cherrywood 2514. Great for drenching and other water-based applications. 0.18% Water Soluble Yes Kosher Pareve
CharDex Applewood 6023-GF Mild, pleasant, well-balanced smoke. Highly preferred for flavor. Applewood claim.  0.19% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
CharDex 7039 Well-balanced smoke flavor on maltodextrin.  Mild. Great for mild sauces, cheeses.  0.01% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
AroSmoke 8068 A sweet smoke profile that balances ashy and smoky elements to achieve its traditional-like flavor.  0.06% Brine Soluble Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol M-15 Mesquite

A concentrated smoke flavor with an ashy component.

0.31% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve