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Sauces/BBQ Sauces

Incorporate smoke directly into various forms of sauces allowing for a custom smoke profile to be achieved. 

key benefits:

  • Provides a flavor differentiation to support your brand identity
  • Able to dial in the exact smoke profile desired
  • Critical ingredient to maintaining product consistency
  • Achieve authentic ethnic profiles consumers crave
  • Add dimension to basic sauces
  • Take advantage of on-trend flavors
Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
CharSol Select 24 More refined, well-balanced, hickory flavor without creosote notes.  Distinctive traditional smoke taste, high browning.  0.18% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol 8092 Imparts a mild, traditional smoke taste with a light, ashy note. Very high browning potential. 0.12% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol Applewood 2502 Provides a sweet, ashy smoke profile with high color. 0.18% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol Cherrywood 2514 Provides an earthy, distinctly bold, natural smoke flavor with high color.  0.18% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve