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Microwave Bacon Spraying Systems

A process that involves spraying Condensed Natural Smoke™ onto bacon slices either prior to or directly after the microwave process.  

Key Benefits:

  • Increases #1 slices
  • Improves yield, if applied prior to microwaving, especially if the bacon is sold by the pound
  • Smoke flavor and smoke color are tightly controlled and easily adjusted
  • No labeling requirements because it’s a pre-fried application
  • Enhances browning for increased consumer appeal
Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
CharSol LFBN A water-soluble smoke flavor designed to provide a light ashy smoke taste with some browning potential.  0.25% Brine Soluble Yes Kosher Passover
Nat Hardwood Smoked Sugar RA12032 A well-balanced, genuine natural smoke which provides a deep, rich, traditional smoke character.  "Smoke Flavored Added" does not need to be flagged on the label.  0.25% Brine Soluble Yes Kosher Pareve
Smokehouse Naturals RA12001 High in browning and closely matches traditional smoke.  Heavier smoke compounds have been removed, allowing a subtle smoke flavor to dominate. 0.15% Water Soluble Yes Not Kosher