Red Arrow® - Natural flavor, pure and simple.™


Uses pressurized air to vaporize Condensed Natural Smoke, allowing for control and consistency of the smoking process.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves uniformity of smoke flavor, color and aroma
  • Offers operational cost savings
  • Increases output
  • Provides cleaner operations
  • Greatly reduces emissions
  • Adapts easily for smokehouse installations
Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
CharSol Applewood 2502 Provides a sweet, ashy smoke profile with high color. 0.18% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol Cherrywood 2514 Provides an earthy, distinctly bold, natural smoke flavor with high color.  0.18% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol M-15 Mesquite

A concentrated smoke flavor with an ashy component.

0.31% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol Select 24 More refined, well-balanced, hickory flavor without creosote notes.  Distinctive traditional smoke taste, high browning.  0.18% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol Supreme Hickory Provides a robust hickory smoke profile designed for efficiency in smoke application to meats.  0.18% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
RA11047 This smoke provides a well-rounded traditional smoke profile that balances smoky and ashy components.  An aqueous version of RA11046™.  0.28% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve