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Social Responsibility

Red Arrow is committed to producing Condensed Natural Smokes and Cooking Method Flavors in the most environmentally friendly way. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Red Arrow prides itself on the conservation of water and natural resources. We are the largest recycler of sawdust, a waste byproduct of the lumber industry. A second manufacturing plant was built in Northern Wisconsin to be closer to the source of this byproduct, thus further reducing our carbon footprint.

Internally, Red Arrow has constructed a carbon balance to guide management. Red Arrow extracts every valuable pound of carbon from its manufacturing system and utilizes this as an energy source to drive its continuous smoke manufacturing process.

Internal case studies have shown that conventional methods of smoking require about 15 pounds of wood to smoke one ton of smoked food product. Condensed Natural Smoke by Red Arrow only requires about seven pounds of sawdust to smoke the equivalent amount of food.

Less sawdust, reduced water consumption, fewer chemical cleaners, less waste to landfills and fewer air emissions are all benefits of the Red Arrow smoking process.

A specialized division of Red Arrow custom designs equipment that is meant to apply Condensed Natural Smoke in the most efficient manner while meeting customer requirements.

In addition to providing a more environmentally friendly way to smoke, Red Arrow provides a least cost and greener way to achieve traditional cooking method flavors with modern manufacturing processes. Flavors derived from traditional kitchen cooking methods can be achieved with less time and energy.

A baked golden-brown appearance is achievable in less time and with less energy when Red Arrow’s browning agents are used.

Environmentally friendly technology and a passion for research and development combine to ensure that Red Arrow minimizes their carbon footprint.